Weapons need to be safe and sturdy, but that doesn't mean they have to be difficult to make. In fact, the first commercially available Belegarth weapons didn't make their appearance until the sport had existed for 15 years. A number of instructions on how to make weapons can be found on the Belegarth web page.


These are the "core" weapons, and we always have a selection available. We occasionally make mass purchases from Edhellen in the US, but the freight and import toll add up. These are also the most heavily used items, so good construction matters. A well-built sword can last for years of weekly practice, a poor one breaks after just a few hours. 

Axes and Failes

Spears, halberds, javelins, etc

Fun to use, especially in larger groups, these weapons are also fairly simple to make.

Bow and arrow

Bows must be authentic-looking (i.e., wooden, not composite) and have a maximum draw of 35 pounds at 28 inches (the standard arrow length).TDH Bogensport in Westend has a large selection starting at €100 - make sure to peruse their catalog, as they only have a small number of bows in the shop.

The bow and arrow is the most dangerous weapon on the field, not just in terms of in-game kills, but also when it comes to injuries. Both the bow and the arrow nock are pointy and could hit somebody in an eye if we're not careful. For that reason, we generally don't let rank beginners use the bow.


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