This is a simplfied overview of the rules. The full rule set can be found at

Target Areas and hits

Head Do not hit. NO effect
Torso Hit will kill. 

Arms & Legs

First hit disables the limb - disabled arms go behind the back, with a disabled leg you kneel down on the ground.
Second hit on a different limb will kill

Hand & Feet

No effect for hands holding something or feet on the ground, otherwise counts as arm or leg.


Armor protects a certain area of the body against ONE hit.
e.g.: A person wearing a chain mail or leather mail on its torso will not die when hit. However a second hit on the torso, regardless of the exact area will kill him.

 Special Weapon impact

Two Hander

 A hit with a Two Handed Weapon onto an Armored body will destroy the Armor and will count as a hit to the body part. Two hard blows with a Two Handed Weapon on a shield will destroy the shield.


Arrows ignore armor. Arrows may hit the head, which counts as a kill unless the arrow hits a helmeted part. Arrows can only be blocked by shields.


Spears, javelins and weapons with green tips can be used to stab. A single-handed stab cannot go through armor. A two-handed stab ignores armor.



Fighting works on a honor system. When somebody hits you, take the hit as described above, or call out appropriately if it was too light, on a hand holding something, etc.

Things you shouldn't do:

  • Stab, except with javelins, spears, and green-tipped weapons.
  • Use martial arts, kicks, locks, etc.
  • Call shots - if somebody doesn't take their hit, tell one of the arrangers. Repeatedly ignoring hits can get you banned from combat.

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