Belegarth is a medieval reenactment sport, focusing on speed and intensity in real battles. Our focus on safety allows full-speed, full-contact fighting, the closest you will get to being on a medieval battle field. It is open to all adults above 18, regardless of skills or previous experience. There are no fixed styles or moves, but plenty to learn.


We pad the weapons, not the people. The weapons are not steel, not latex, but 5 cm of closed-cell foam over a fiberglass rod. You can hit people full force with these and leave no more than a bruise at the very worst. This means anyone can come in, borrow a sword, start fighting, and never hold back!


The rules are made to work in large battles where you can't stop all the time to figure out what has happened. No levels, no magic, no classes, just you and your skills. One hit on your body, you're dead. Lose two limbs, you're dead. Armor absorbs one hit in each area, where it covers. Rules so simple, you can remember them even when the enemy turns against your flanking manoeuvre and bears down on you.


Wearing realistic garb, armor, and insignia gives the sport a special feel. While not required, it is highly encouraged to dress the part, whether as a proud Roman, a frothing Viking, or even an Elf out of Middle-Earth. The choice is yours, as long as it doesn't interfere with safety and playability. But even the fanciest garb does not impart special abilities - good fighting skill is learned, not bought.


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